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What is UCSD ACS-SA?

UCSD ACS-SA is a pre-professional student organization at UC San Diego. The club provides its members with not only great speakers and free food, but also opportunities to just relax and meet your fellow chemistry students. Many of our events provide students with the chance to network with UCSD faculty or industry representatives. UCSD ACS-SA is essentially an all-in-one resource for UCSD chemistry students. 

You do not need to be an UCSD ACS-SA member to come to our events. We encourage anyone interested in the field of chemistry to come and participate in UCSD ACS-SA events.


UCSD ACS-SA features weekly meetings typically with a faculty member or industry speaker who shares their experience in a particular field of chemistry.


UCSD ACS-SA puts on social events, such as student socials and student faculty mixers, which allow students and professors to mingle in a fun, relaxed environment.


UCSD ACS-SA organizes tours to various chemistry related places, such as campus and industry research labs, and provides resources to help students grow as chemists.


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Research Application Guide

Click the link below to view a written guide to research applications by Vicky Chen, our VP Internal, who has experience in many of these programs! This guide has detailed explanations on different types of research programs and the best ways to get involved! 

Upcoming Events

Events will resume Fall... Have a great summer break!!! 🥳

Photo: Week 10 Banquet (6/7/2023)

Ft. Graduating ACS Seniors!