Week 1

Lab Sale

We are selling lab supplies at prices cheaper than the bookstore!

Week 1 Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM every day!

York Hall 4020A (4th floor next to the Chemistry Student Affairs Office)

We are selling:

We accept cash, check, and Venmo as forms of payment.

Study Jam

If you're getting ready for midterms, come study with ACS-SA this Wednesday! Work, snack, and get to know ACS-SA members and officers. Free food provided.

Week 6

Lab Tours

This week we took ACS-SA members to tour around 3 different labs on campus, all with very different specializations. We first toured the Grassian Lab, and talked about their molecular studies on surface chemistry. Next, the Prather lab, which studies the impact on aerosol particles on the climate. Lastly we toured the Rinehart lab, which studies magnetic properties on the nanoscale.

Week 5

Dr. Vicki Grassian - Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and Environment

This week we had Dr. Grassian come to talk about her current research. Dr. Grassian is a distinguished professor in three departments, distinguished chair, associate dean, and co- director for the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment. Dr. Grassian talked about her research on the surface chemistry of particles in the environment, from atmospheric aerosols to manmade nano-particles. Dr. Grassian also talked about different microscopic techniques are used in her research.

Week 4

Study Jam

The week 4 study jam was an event to provide a supportive study environment for ACS-SA members during midterms seasons. The study jam brought together people from every level in their chemistry degree, allowing them to make connections with people taking the same classes and people who have already taken the class. This helped support members in their academics as well as making new connections and friends in our community. Dinner and coffee were provided to incentivize members to come and help support their study efforts.

Week 3

Grad Student Panel

This week’s event allowed undergraduate students to mix with graduate students and learn more about every facet of graduate school. The four graduate students on the panel each had a very different and distinctive field of study, giving undergraduate students an opportunity to experience many different perspectives.

Speed Dating

This ‘speed dating’ event was created to successfully match mentors and mentees, and ensure the matches had the best chance to succeed and grow throughout the coming year. Mentors and mentees were seated on different sides of the table, and rotated to make sure mentees could meet current members, and find the person(s) they connected with the most. This was accomplished by using a google form after the event, where mentees could rate their top pics, hopefully encouraging them to come back and be active participants.

Week 2

This week's GBM was a returning ACS-SA members panel, where prospective members could learn more about UCSD ACS-SA through first-hand experiences of our general members. After the four panelists had answered several questions, an informal meet-and-greet was held for general members to talk to any of the panelists in a more personal and casual setting.

Week 1

This week’s GBM (general board meeting) comprised of a meet and greet between new and returning ACS-SA members, and an information session for the new students. Food was provided to incentivize new chemistry students to come out and participate. This GBM went through all the events coming in the next quarter, how ACS-SA is a community and family, and how every member is welcome to join that family! After the informational presentation, there was time for questions to make sure any remaining questions were answered.

Week 0

ACS-SA hosted a joint social event with all of the chemistry organizations on campus. The students had the opportunity to not only network with their undergraduate peers but graduate students as well! Organizations that attended were the Chemistry Graduate Student Council (CGSC), Student to Industry Mentorship and Preparation Association (SIMPA), Society for Women in Graduate Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry (SWIGS), and Chemistry Peer Advisory League (ChemPAL).

Prof. Thomas Hermann and Prof. Thom Bussey provided a welcome orientation for all new chemistry department majors. ACSSA officers spoke about the opportunities that our organization has to offer and the events we had planned . Chemistry Department Peer and Academic Advisors were also there to provide insight and answer questions.