Program Outline

Take a more active role in our chemistry community at UCSD by becoming an ACS-SA Intern. Through this program you will gain insights into what being an officer means, how we come up with and organize events, and get to know the officer team better. This is a great way to gain leadership experience and network with your fellow UCSD chemists.

Application is now OUT!



  • Jan. 20th, 2023 @ 11:59 pm: Program Application Due
  • Jan. 30th, 2023 – Apr. 7th, 2023: Program Duration


During the 10 week duration of the program, each intern will have the opportunity to shadow an officer to see what they do to keep the org running and get to know that officer better. Every 2 weeks, the interns can choose to rotate with a new officer to get a better understanding of multiple positions and get to know us better.

Intern-Officer Socials

At least once in winter and spring quarters we will have an virtual intern-officer social so that we can get to know each other better, play games, and hang out in a casual setting.

Weekly Officer Meetings

As interns, we encourage you to come to our weekly officer meets, conducted over Zoom at a time that will be determined quarterly. These meetings are where we plan our events and assign tasks to make everything happen. Interns are highly encouraged to voice their suggestions and be active members in these meetings.

Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The president is in charge of the entire organization. They are the representative and face of ACS-SA to other organizations and ACS chapters. They are responsible for planning and scheduling events accordingly, as well as booking speakers. Lastly, they need to run weekly meetings with the rest of the officer team so that all officers keep deadlines and pending tasks in mind. (MUST be a chemistry major and have held an officer position for at least one year) 

The vice president is responsible for keeping the entire organization running smoothly through keeping deadlines, making sure all of the officers are completing tasks on time, assisting the president in booking rooms, assisting the other officers when needed, etc. (Must have held an officer position for at least one year)

The VP-Internal sends out weekly emails to chemistry majors and ACS-SA members in order to keep them informed of events. Additionally, the VP-Internal sends invitations to UCSD professors to present at a GBM or attend other ACS-SA-sponsored events. They are in charge of most of the communication between the organization, members, and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. It is the VP-Internal’s job to keep good contact between ACS-SA and professionals within UCSD.

The VP-External runs operations outside UCSD. Contacting non-UCSD professionals through email is a major part of this position. The VP-External is in charge of organizing and planning community service events as well as certain annual events such as our Insights from Industry event along with others in non-COVID times. For these events, they will need to plan and prepare demos as well as be aware of the safety procedures associated with them. Finally, the VP-External is responsible for organizing off-campus tours (when we can have them).

It is the responsibility of the secretary to take attendance at GBMs, record meeting minutes during officer and advisor meetings, schedule and find times when all of the officers are available, and, in general, keep ACS-SA organized by reminding the other officers of their duties. The secretary monitors the official ACS-SA Google Drive folder to make sure all files have been uploaded for the week.

 The treasurer’s job is to handle finances for ACS-SA and try to get as many grants/funding as possible. One particularly important event for the treasurer is the quarterly lab supply sale during the first week of every quarter including maintaining supplies for the sale (we do not do lab sale during COVID). The treasurer is also responsible for filling out TAPs (Triton Activities Planners), which supply the food at every GBM (again more relevant when things are normal). Additionally, the treasurer is now responsible for reserving any special Zoom licenses through TAP for our events.

The webmaster’s job is to maintain the ACS-SA website. It is important that the webmaster continuously updates the website with details on upcoming events and photos from previous events. Moreover, the webmaster will be responsible for designing new web pages and optimizing the website’s layout. WordPress experience is not required due to its user-friendly interface, however, it is preferred.

The job of the publicity chair is to create flyers and different advertising media in order to help spread the word about ACS-SA. They are in charge of getting GBM event details out through Facebook and Instagram as well as designing, printing, and posting flyers around campus (normally). The publicity chair should take the lead in chalking for major events (normally).

The social chair’s responsibilities include planning the quarterly officer social and all social events for the organization. The social chair is typically in charge of brainstorming and planning for new social events.

The historian takes photos and takes note of what occurs during all of the events ACS-SA hosts or participates in. This person should be able to write compelling event descriptions and update the chapter report weekly. They are also responsible for creating ACS-SA’s monthly newsletter. The historian is also responsible for writing the annual chapter report at the end of the year with the help of the other officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an intern, you’re invited to our weekly officer meetings that take place over Zoom at a time that will be determined for each quarter. During officer meetings, our board will go through the weekly agenda, addressing items we need to discuss for that week. As part of the intern program, you’re more than welcome to give us your opinions as we discuss that week’s agenda. Don’t be afraid to speak up! You’re a valuable addition to our team, and we are more than happy to listen to your opinions! Since we recognize that our meeting times do not correspond well with everyone’s schedules, please try your best to remain active with the Intern Program in whatever way you can! We hope that you can come to as many meetings as possible, so please let us know if you have to miss a meeting.

We cannot guarantee that you’ll get an officer position following the intern program, but you are encouraged to apply! Officer applications will open in the Spring Quarter and interviews will be conducted in order for us to determine our next year’s board members. The goal of this intern program is to give you exposure into how we run the club and, hopefully, it will help you refine your own leadership and organizational skills.

At the minimum we encourage you to attend our weekly officer meetings as well as our GBMs so that you can fully grasp how the organization and backstage planning (during our officer meetings) translate into putting on the actual GBM. The amount of time you want to dedicate to this program is entirely up to you; however, do keep in mind that the amount of time you put will in determine what you get out of the program. The more time you put in, the more involved you can be and the more experience you’ll get!

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